At seventeen, Hoa was forced to marry a strange man more older than her. After marriage, Hoa was asked to have a son as a descendent of her husband's family. In the morning, she had traditionally become a housewife, looked after her parents in-laws and at night, she was a sexual slave of her husband. She took second place in her husband's family, was dependent upon her husband’s income and had no voice. Her existence was marked by the routines and full of sorrows. She was one of women of northern Vietnam in 1970s. By contrast, her relative, Trinh marred a man who she falled in love. Trinh and her husband decided to have no children to facilitate Trinh pursued her career path. Trinh had her own income and was respected by her husband and his family. She felt happy and fulfilled. She lived in southern Viet Nam in the same time of Hoa. Hoa and Trinh are the two true stories of the differences between women living in the two regions of Vietnam in nineteenth century. At that time, the country was divided into two parts with two different political systems, Socialism in the North and a Republic in the South. The northern government adopted the Confucian principle of male superiority, while the south was affected by the western culture. Since these differences, the lives of Vietnamese women in the two regions had a big gap between them of ideology and awareness of gender equality. Specifically, women in southern Vietnam were more liberal and therefore much more successful and fulfilling in their personal lives than those in the north who were governed by Confucian norms and Socialism, as the socialist regime limitted them to follow established patterns of conduct.

By influencing of Western culture and the support of the gender equality of Republic government, wonen in Southern Vietnam easily earned happiness in their lives because they had liberal right. The liberty could be identified based on three factors including in the marriage, education and work. These factors were declared in the consitution of the South Vietnam government in 1967. Firstly, Vietnamese women were respected by the state (Chapter 2, Art2) and equal in right with men in the marriage (Art.17). This means that a Vietnamese woman in Southern Vietnam had the right to choose her spouse she loved and deserved to be received the respectful treatment from her husband, even her own decision of having children or not. Secondly, basic education was compulsory for both sexes (Art.10) This was the turning point in breaking old-fashioned thoughts of restricting women to approach knowledge. This policy allowed women to attend school and more importantly. opened opportunity to narrow the gap of knowledge with men and built their position in society. Finally, freedom to join labor unions (Art.15). With Confucian norms, women were limited by the space surrounding her house and kitchen. However the new constitution again drove women step out of segergation biast of sex, encouraged them to make a living by their own competence. Therefore, by the above citations from the 1967’s constitution, women in the Southern Vietnam were no longer limited by any dimension in their lives compared to men. For that reason, they were free to seek their happiness and discover themselves leading to the feeling of fulfill.

Besides the support of the government, the impact of Western culture contributed to the consolidation the woman’s right in Southern Vietnam. The Western culture emphaized the liberty of women in every dimensions related to personal decision. For example, a man influenced by Western culture was usually ranked as a second position in society. This means that he had to respect any decision of his wife and put her in his priority. This allowed women easily to pursue her own life without the interference of anyone, even her parents or her husband. This means that her liberral circle had become more larger and happiness came to her as nature

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