teachers, please tell me the differences in using these words :

1. eshtablish;invent;built;found
2. embarassed;shy;shame;humiliated
3. recognice;realize;notice
4. aim;purpose
5. see;look;watch
6. decission;prescription
7. task;assignment
8. persistence;determination;preseverance
9. mishap;accident;disaster

10. hectic;busy

Actually, I have search the meaning of all of these words in the dictionary, but some words in same number has almost same meaning. Are they synonym with no differences in using? Can you tell me how to use each of them properly?
thank you
Hi Ilma;

First of all, make sure you have spelled the words properly.
Then you can look up sentences that use the words, and compare the differences. Sometimes Dictionary.com will have a passage called "usage notes" comparing very similar words.

You have given a very long list here - too many for one reply.
So I will recommend that you use the Corpus of contemporary American English , or the British National Corpus .
thx a lot for your suggestion, AlpheccaStars.