Hi Friends,

I've just come across this amazing link as I was making a well-rounded search for my sister's term homework with the help of Mr.Google, dear RidSoc members and the ones who are interested in that kind of mystical games.The aim of the game is to be able to get out of the house.Try to notice and click even tiny figures appear on the screen.Give heed to the sounds, hearing a blowing sound as you click somewhere on the screen means that there is something there that you have to find out.

I've collected two cards with strange symbols and two fragments of a letter.Picking up some tiny particles I succeeded in forming a cube and know it is displayed on the square where it is written R2 (room 2) on the right part of the screen.In addition I've noticed the safe hidden behind the painting ; however I couldn't figure out what it was used for(Maybe you can find it out). I reckon that's all for now.I'm looking forward to receiving your wise replies and comments.I belive that we can find a way out! Come on, help me solve out the mystery...

GOod LuCk!



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I reached your very same point and I'm stuck here...

What can we do with that safe? Have u got any opinion Jac?

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Hi DjB

Great puzzle.Emotion: smile [Y]

I have just found another room, after completing the cube drag it to the holder on the wall (next to the coat) then the door there will open.

Hey Ear! Really impressive! I didn't think that ... thanks..let me see..OK. here we go!

I've collected all the items of Room2 and now a new room has been discovered.It says "The room is all mixed up! There must be some way of setting it straight..." Now what do you think? Were you able to enter that room_?

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Yes i eventually found that room after setting the clock to six !

Still working on that level , i will keep you posted.
Sussed it !!!

Pick the photo up and look closely at the code ( SCAPE)

Then return to the first room and goto the safe ( behind the picture) and enter code

SCAPE = 72273 on a telephone keypad, then the next cube appears and the bedroom is the right way round!!
Hey, let us guess something, don't tell everything Ear... Emotion: stick out tongue

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