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Well, I was reading the lazy song's lyric and there are some words/slangs and expressions that i didn't get.

Could u please give me synonyms and explain to me what it means?

• To dougie

• Mess around

• Strut

Thanks Emotion: wink)
This is what I found for "dougie":


"Mess around" needs context, it could mean "waste time", though most likely it means "to kiss and/or to have sex".

"Strut": To walk in a manner that shows extreme confidence/narcissism.
In the line, "click to MTV so they can teach me how to dougie", the word "dougie" (rhymes with RUG-ee) means to walk around with swagger and coolness.

In the line, "I might mess around and get my college degree," the words "mess around" mean to apply oneself to difficult academic work. Note that "mess around" usually has the opposite meaning: to not apply oneself to difficult academic work.

In the line, "strut in my birthday suit and let everything hang loose," the word "strut" means to walk around with coolness and swagger ("birthday suit" means any without clothes on).