Today's Helsingin Sanomat, a Finnish newspaper, lists the hoarding preferences of some nationalities in these coronavirus times.

Sweden: People buy rice, pasta and snuff. There's not much toilet paper on the shelves in supermarkets. Sweden being the home country of meatballs, it's perhaps understandable that minced meat also sells in large quantities. However, there is no shortage of any kind of foodstuffs. Many Norwegians have come to Sweden to buy alcohol as it is more expensive in Norway.

Estonia: Estonians have hoarded potatoes says Andres Soots, a sales manager in southern Estonia. Supermarkets in Tallinn and Tarto have ordered three times the normal amount of potatoes. Garlic is also in great demand because people believe it has a good influence on their health. There is no scientific proof for that, though.

Toilet paper also sells well, and so does strong alcohol. It's so strong that people use it as a disinfectant.

Germany and the Netherlands: According to Der Spiegel, Germans started to hoard canned food and pasta at the end of February. There were also increased sales of toilet paper and disinfectants.

United States: Americans prepare for bad times by buying guns. says there was a 70 percent increase in sales in one week toward the end of February.

Russia: The sales of canned meat and fish have increased. Grain products are also selling well. Especially in big cities such as Moscow and St Petersburg people are also hoarding pasta and pickles. Some sales increased by 79 percent at the beginning of March.


Cool BreezeUnited States: Americans prepare for bad times by buying guns. says there was a 70 percent increase in sales in one week toward the end of February.

That's not surprising. Two unhealthy obsessions are never far away in the US. The subjects of race and guns.

Donald Trump has sent a check for 1,200 dollars to a Finn who used to live in the USA and did some business there in his younger days. The man appreciates the check, but as checks haven't been used in Finland for decades, he had to go to seven banks to get it cashed. 😁

I don't think some young Finns even know what a check is. I do, even though I have never used or even seen one. Checks are definitely passé here.


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I hope all Californians don't consider emigrating to Finland because it's quite small in area. CalifJim is welcome, of course! 😁


also in third world countries, people have started to save more and cut down on leisure

people were afraid at first and went to make big purchases because they thought they would run out of provisions, but later the supermarkets were not full and people only went to buy necessary things because they saw that the provisions did not run out .
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