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i choose 1 or 3, we pollute and make so many poor choices that we're probably going to kill ourselves unless we somehow set off a global disaster then it would be number 4
But will the world end? Only if we think it will can we ask such a question.
My question therefore is...Why do you think the world will end?
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Well I think the major challenge to all of us in the near future will be when the world runs out of oil.

By accounts this could be in 30-35 years time. When this happens anything is possible....
I reckon a combination of 1 - 4 would end life as we know it for sure.
1 -3 would result in number 4.
If God wants to destroy what he created, all he has to do is leave us humans to it,
give us the freedom to make our own choices and suffer the consequences.
Hmmm, ok, goodbye world.

You guys forgot #6: some guy will develop a time machine go back in time to a galaxy far away and bring Lord Vader and the Emporer and the death star and have them blow earth and us up!
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Alexempire, you watch too much tvEmotion: wink
I think the end of the world is up to all of those who live in it, we have no reason to fear unless we are doing something to cause harm to the place we call home. I believe when it "happens" it will be the result of artificial greed and realization of the things around us. A.K.A. FDA GVMT BIY
One thing I know for sure. The world will not end with cryings, but with whimpers. The whole process will take a long period of time, full of Dantesque scenes, without the predicted evaporation of the mankind in just one milisecond. Hopefully I won't live to it. :-)
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I believe that God does not have to destroy Earth that He Created for us to live in because humans are doing that anyway. With Global Warming getting worse every year, Earth may not be livable by 2100. Too much Carbon Dioxide from rainforests being cutdown for agricultural purposes that releases more CO2 and melting glaciers from higher temperatures causes more CO2 emissions that can't escape into space. Natural Disasters like hurricanes are getting stronger because ocean waters are warmer than they use to be, which is fuel for more powerful storms. Humans are living longer and longer with more advanced medicines to prolong our lives and the world population continuously grows without showing signs to leveling off while natural resources are being exploited in many cases and used up for more need to more humans living on earth. The carrying capacity of Earth never changes because Earth remains the same size while humans occupy more space that was once a forest or an open grassy field.

Since 1800, when the last "Little Ice Age" ended, 5.5 billion more humans populate Earth. The Industrial Revolution that started in the late 1700's is a huge reason why we are in a situation we are in now in 2019. We can change it by adopting more alternative methods to reduce our carbon footprint on Earth. It does not have to end like "Dooms Days" is coming very soon. We have time and we have the technology to make those changes, but it needs to happen soon or the consequences mentioned above will get worse and humans may not be around much longer.


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