The headline sounds a little tough. Everyone begins to think what an end is talked about. Armageddon, nuclear war, asterod impact, warming of the climate and etc. Why we have to think about such things. The live is happy and I'm happy too. The sun is shining. Everything is going perfectly or at leats not so bad, to make me think about the end of the world. There are not any signs of it. There is noone talks about it. Nothing to fear. Most dreadful things it seems, happen in Iraq, but that situation is very far of what I may call the armageddon. So nobody believes in what is described in the most popular book on Earth, the holy bible. Noone wants to muse about 3000 asteroids which can smash our little planet in one moment, so what we will know about the impact only in the next live. Noone has a wish to imagine how many dangerous nuclear weapons are remaned without a control after the USSR's collapse. What a one bomb can do being exploded in a living area. I may continue this list. But I think that till now everybody understood the dangers that may lead to a cathastrophe/armageddon which can destroy our happy planet. If it will happen..., we won't be able to react to save us, it just will be to late.

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And so, do you believe that politics, religion or science might help?
People must think about how to prevent the cathastrophe. The most dangerous thing that threats our planet is the same thing which had destroyed the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.