The bar chart compares five categories, namely cars, computers, books, perfume and cameras; in terms of the amount of money which was spent by people in France and UK.

It is clearly that Cars were the most common with the British and French among five goods while they spent the least money on perfume

The spending of UK on cars is higher than France, at above 450000 pounds sterling compared to 400000 pounds and the money paid out for cars by this nations was the largest, among the figure for other types. Similarly, the expenditure of UK on books and Cameras were both more than those of citizens in French, with about 100 pounds and around 200 pounds respectively

In contrast, there was a change about consuming of French in computers anh perfume. They paid out more money for those. With regard to computers, they spent under 400 pounds which was higher slightly than people in UK consumed, at 350000 pounds. The consumer in France used 200000 pounds for perfume and the amount of money on this goods in UK was less considerably, at under 150000 pounds


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The chart indicates how much money spent by two nations namely the UK and France on five different consumer items for 2010 with accessed data given in pounds sterling.

Overall, the UK represented the largest amount of expenditure on consumer goods compared to France in the period given. Either of the countries spent most of their expenditure on cars whereas the least amount of money was spent on perfume in the UK as opposed to cameras in France.

First and foremost, in terms of cars, the UK spent much more money on this item, being higher than France by about £500,000. Similarly, there was over one-third more outlay of the UK than France on books, accounting for around 400,000 and 300,000 sterling pounds respectively. Likewise, more than twice as much expenditure of the UK (a bit more than 350,000 sterling pounds) as that of France (150,000 sterling pounds) was used on cameras.

On the other hand, the other two categories witnessed a higher expenditure of France. Firstly, the spending on computers in the two countries varied slightly with the outlay of France at nearly £370,000 while that of the UK at exactly £350,000. In addition to this, neither of them spent much on perfume which accounted for £200,000 of expenditure in France and approximately £150,000 in the UK.

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Louis Xie 121The chart indicates how much money spent by two nations namely the UK and France

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