: the expressed juice of fruit (as apples) used as a beverage or for making other products (as applejack)
[M-W's Col. Dic.]

What is the role of expressed in the context of above definition? What if the expressed is omitted from the above definition?
"Expressed" here means "squeezed out". It describes how the juice was extracted from the fruit.
Thank you, Annvan.
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Mind you, I'm not sure how else you get juice out of fruit. It does seem rather redundant.
That's what I thought too, Nona, to be honest... Then I did a bit of googling around (oh, the joys of googling!!) and apparently you can also, e.g. macerate fruit
Maybe it has to do with the amount of pressure required. You can get juice from an orange by squeezing it with your hand, but getting apple juice requires some kind of mechanical press.
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And in England, cider is the fermented expressed juice of apples. Unfermented it is apple juice.
cider is the fermented .....
Same in the U.S.