Hi, I'd like to know if the above expression is correctly used in the following sentence:

"Confidence in science constitutes the basis for denying the existence of moral values".


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First, I think that nº3 on that webpage applies to my example, and it says what I said:

"3. If a singular proper noun ends in s, add an apostrophe.

  • Chris' exam scores were higher than any other students."
Secondly, what is only apparent is that Annas thinks that ethical skepticism depends only on confidence in science.

I'm indebted to you for your correction on the possessive form of a proper name ending in s. My apologies.
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Okay. Is it this then?

It is only apparent that Annas thinks ethical skepticism depends solely on confidence in science. What she actually thinks is that ethical skepticism probably depends on confidence in science.

If so, I think your statement can be made more clear.
Yes, that is it. I've thought of this:

"Annas’ remarks regarding the status of science appear not merely to report the fact that contemporary ethical skepticism predominantly adopts a non-skeptical attitude towards science, but to attempt to show that it is not possible to espouse this skepticism unless one believes in the descriptive and explanatory power of science. However, this appearance is not accurate [misleading?], since in closing her discussion of the local character of contemporary ethical skepticism, she points out that this skepticism “is essentially local, a part of a globally unsceptical world-view which is likely to be scientifically based…” (1998, 207; emphasis added). Thus, though Annas contends that confidence in the objectivity of science is a possible basis for denying the existence of objective moral values, she does not believe that it is the only possibility."

I think I like this version. And I believe I'd use misleading.
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If you do think you like this last version, then I think I'll leave it that way.


P.S: I'll use "misleading".