If you go to MacDonald in the early morning, then they have different menu for breakfast. But it ends at about 10:30AM. I think you won't be able to order them afterward. But here,as for the ending time, I am just wondering if you call with a certain term.

I am sure you can say in affirmative like the following.

"We make them (breakfast) until 10:30"

But what if (oppositely) it (the ending time) is asked by customers? So I am just wondering the native way of asking.

Can you ask like "What time do you end making Breakfast until?"

Thanks in advance.
Yes, that's OK too, but Science Guru has given the most common expression.
I am not a native speaker. I would say,

"What time do you stop serving breakfast"

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Can i say like this.

what time do you finish your breakfast service
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