What does the first kiss mean to a guy or a girl? I have never kissed a girl. Though i got a chance once, but, i let it go. Why? I hardly know.

For me my first kiss is of immense importance. I wold like my first kiss to be with a person who love a lot. A kiss for me is one of the few extreme ways to tell someone that u love them. So, for me it has to be someone special.

What about the others reading this post. Tell me what the first kiss means to you. For those who have experienced it please tell me what it meant and ow it felt.
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hi hemantEmotion: smile i am sorry, i do not remember my first kiss!!! there are so many!! i hope you have a girl soon, it is so nice, what you say Emotion: smile

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sylvie b
Hi Hemant

I never did that kiss you are talking about. And I don't know when I am going to do it. but it will be just for my husband in future. as you mentioned! it is not easy to kiss any one!!
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my first kiss...hmm actually, I was a kid and it didn't mean anything for me, because i was like 6 or 7 years old..it was the neighbor, who was as old as I was, and we were in love, like children can be!!!!That makes me laugh to remember it!!
but if you're talking about the first kiss ,as a teenager, it wasn't with someone special at all...just a crush, not the love of my life!!!
[K] Anybody from France wanted to explain on this? [K] How about the so-called [L] France Kiss[L]
I don't know why people call it 'french kiss'...do you have any idea??
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I don't want to stray from the topic, but I'm a bit curious about this: Did "french fries", as fried potatoes or chips are called in the U.S., come from France?
I don't think so...fries are universal!!
Maybe the "French" fries is to do with the shape? French lovers are said to be the best! (can anyone confirm?)

To come back to the original topic, a French kiss involves the tongue. Maybe the French invented it?
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