It was Home Alone Emotion: left hug
i still remember every scene of it

can u tell me what was the first movie u saw ?
Emotion: smile
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Maybe a scary Chinese movie I saw when I was very little. After that I had nightmares for a long, long time. Ever since that scary movie, I did not like horror movies much. It was horrible ordeal that I went through.
I don't remember my first movie but when I was 5 i loved "Save Willie".
It was a story about boy and delfin
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yes I remember the first movie I watched ,I don't know what it's name is but it was an action ,horror movie I loved it so much
i remember my first movie was for the great martial arts BRUCE LEE but i don't remeber which movie cos i saw all of his movies
Unfortunately I don't remember the first movie I watched. Anyway, my favourite movie is "Ghost".
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The first English movie I've watch in the cinema is Jurassic Park. and I still remember that my mom was 6 months pregnant with my sister when my dad brings us to watch it.
thats a pretty much a hard question Emotion: stick out tongue, but after along time, my first movie was " Face Off " ...
The first movie that I have seen and at least I can remember is Kingkong. I watched it together with my family.
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