The Thomas Crown Affair(original)
Jackie Brown
Angels With Dirty Faces
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

or your best five!

I'm sure there are more,.... but just to start you off
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The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded, and The Matrix Revolutions (don't know about the last one though, I haven't seen it yet. But I'm 100% sure it will be the best of the three).
Btw, I love Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon too.
My Best five:
Braveheart (don't ask me how many times I 've seen this movie)
Highlander (the first one, the others sucked)
Robin Hood (prince of thieves)
Return of the Jedi (a childhood favourite)
123 uses for a rubber chicken (doesn't exist but I needed to complete the list)

You will notice that there is an underlying theme through all of these.
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totally agree with you on 're-loaded' cos me's am into the arts me self.when is revo gonna beout?
dont know if thats why you like them, and dont know how many times i have seen crouching........
is that your reason?
and got ya drift woody...
but am bit of flikbuff, so where are the rest of you?
Not the coolest of all time but the last five years.

1. Nottin Hill.
2. The diary of Bridget Jones
3. American Beauty
4. The Others.
5. The Sixth Sense.
6. Harry Potter.
1. road to perdition
2. american beauty
3. the elephant man
4. doctor jivago
5. any chaplin's filmEmotion: smile
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Gosh, I forgot to mention " I've GOT mail " (Meg Ryan and Tom) Have you seen that one? If you haven't you should see it. I'd like to talk about that film with anyone interested in it.
i am maj, its not only coolest but the most romantic also
Does it sound real to you? Do you think the story is credible to a certain extent? I really liked the expression on his face when he is writing a mail in front of the computer, his gestures are really funny.
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