Can the noun information be plural? Is it correct to write "the following information are"?
Information is always singular.
But I find it interesting that you asked. Is it different in your language?
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At least in German we differ Information (singular) and Informationen (plural).

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So as in portuguese.

We have "Informação" (Singular) and "Informações" (Plural).

Thanks anyway!
In french as well we make a distinction between Une information (singular) and Des informations (plural).

The same is in Polish: informacja (Sg) and informacje (Pl) Emotion: smile

English seems to be stand out Emotion: wink
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In Czech informationsalso are Emotion: smile
In arabic, we also distinguish between the use of single and plural information.

I hop that I can master English and can understand such lingual differences Emotion: sad

Can you please suggest something?
In Portuguese we can use as singular or plural meaning. Informação >> singular (uma informação, a informação (= "an information", "the information"). Informações >> plural (umas informações, as informações (= "informations", "the informations").
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