This is the fork in your road, (Choose where to go from here?) Lane.
ln a dozen years, you'll either be
Lois Lane, star reporter....whose name is synonymous
with the Daily Planet. Or, Lois Fill-ln-The-Blank...Nobody?
married to an insurance adjustor in the sticks...In the province?
...with four kids and 40 extra pounds.
You won't look at a newspaper because it'll always remind you
of what could have been.
"Fork" - when a road comes to a fork, it splits into two different directions, and the traveler has to choose one. (See Frost's famous poem, "The Road Not Taken."
"Fill-in-the-blank" I think here refers to the surname of her future husband. "Sticks" - Yes, the provinces I suppose they call it in other countries. A rural area without culture, interest or beauty.
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So by fill-in-the-blank he means Lois whatever your surname is in the future.
Thanks, D!
Yes. The term also implies that the names are interchangeable - no matter who she marries, he will be a "nobody," an unimportant person.