Dear all,

I can't remember how dates should be written in English, although I learned this at school quite some time ago. I'm french speaking and this is rather different in the two languages.
For instance, for 05/21/2005, shall I write
May, 21, 2005?
May, 21st, 2005?
the 21st of May 2005?

I usually pick the second one...

Sorry for asking such a silly question.

They all look fine, but the first comma (,) isn't required; e.g., May 21, 2005.
Hi Yves,

Your options are:

Informal-- May 21st, 2005; the 21st of May, 2005

Formal-- 21 May 2005; May 21, 2005
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How to write January 1, 2008 through June 2, 2008?
Hi, All

I prefer to wright January 1st, 2008 through June 2nd, 2008.
Writing dates: we do not add st, nd, rd, th, etc after the number when writing the date except for one instance.

We are getting married on Friday the 21st, May 2010.
Notice that there is no comma before the year when the month immediately precedes it.

Otherwise the dates are written as:

We are getting married on May 21, 2010.
We are getting married on Friday, May 21, 2010.
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I've been all over looking for the correct way to right dates and the one way everybody seems to omit is abbreviating the year. How do you write August 8 '09? I've been told: August 8, '09 and August 8/'09 but what is the correct way? Thanks.

My thought is that the second one is incorrect. A date uses a cardinal number (2,3,4), not an ordinal number (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

So May 1, 2010
1st of May, 2010
or May 1st (no year)
how could I read the year 1604?
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