The line graph illustrates the percentage of income that people in the USA and UK spend on petrol.
Overall, the poorest in the USA spends the most on petrol and in the UK the richest spends the most on petrol.
Firstly, the poorest in the UK spends less than 0,5% of their income on petrol and the richest spends under 4%. By contrast, in the USA, the poorest spends around 4-5% while the richest spend between 2 and 3%.
Secondly, in the USA it's noticeable that the percentage of the income spent by the poor can be twice by the rich. While the cost that the poor in the USA tends to decrease, the cost ones in the UK rises steeply. Both the trend of the rich's spending cost on petrol is falling.
In both countries on middle incomes spend about the same percentage from 3 to 5 %. But the incomes in the USA tends to decrease while the incomes in the UK tends to increase.


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