The line graph shows how many people attend top-level football matches in three in European between 1980 and 2004. Overall what stands out from the graph is that, Italy decreased significantly over the period, whereas both England and Germany saw a rapid increase.

In 1980, with 34 thousand fans in attendance at soccer games, Italy was the country with the most fans. After that, Italian football reached a peak at 37 thousand in the next six years, followed by a slump over the later 12 years, hitting the lowest level at 25 thousand in 2004.

England's and Germany's soccer attendance were similar over the whole period. The number of participants from those two countries began around 25,000 and then gradually declined, reaching its lowest point around 22,000 in 1986. Following that, the quantity of German players increased and eventually exceeded that of Italy in 1998 at 27 thousand and peaked at almost 35 thousand in the end of the period of time. While the attendance of England raised a boom from 1992 ( with 23,000) to 2004 (with over 30,000).


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