The line graph provides the detailed datas about how enquiries were sent to the Tourist Information office in three means transportation in particular city every month over the period of 6 months in 2011.
Overall, during the period, the enquiry numbers for in person and by letter show rapidly rose, while that for by telephone underwent quick drop. The number of questions sent by telephone experienced a dramatic decrease over 6 months.
In the beginning, the enquiries received by letter and telephone were the two highest, with roughly 900 enquiries and 800 enquiries respectively. However, in the next monhts, the number of enquiries that sent in person went up drastically and surpassed those of telephone and letter in March, with a double increase for just over 400 enquiries to 800 enquiries. In addition, there was hardly any change in the number of enquiries sent by telephone.
In the last three months, the number of requests received by letter still grew but led to that of in person, with around 1600 requests. Meanwhile, the request which sent by telephone received the lowest figure, at just under 400 whereas that of in person reached a peak point in the end of the period by approximately 2000 enquiries.

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