The line graph illustrates the change in the percentage of elderly people who fell into the 65 and over age group in three countries over a century, starting from 1940.
Overall, there is a significant increase in the rate of the elder in Japan, Sweden, and the USA over the period. It is noticeable that Japan is predicted to have the highest percentage of the aged from 2020 to 2040.
In 1940, the proportion of the aged in the USA stood at nearly 10%, twice as much as that of Japan while the figure for Sweden was approximately 7%. During the next 60 years, the percentage of elderly people in Sweden and the USA witnessed a gradual upward of nearly 5%, whereas the figure for Japan declined slightly to about 3%, but later rose to reach the same point as the first year.
Looking into the future, the percentage of the elder in Japan is forecasted to increase suddenly to reach a peak of 20%, 5% higher than that of the USA in 2040. Also, a considerable climb of 10% is predicted to see in the proportion of the old in Sweden from 2020 to 2040.

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