The graph compares overseas students and local students interms of the enrolments in Australian universities over a ten year period. Overall, it can be seen that both rates experienced a up-ward trend during total period. We also see that in commencing period the enrolments of overseas students is stable while local students one is fluctuated. According to the diagram, there has an sharp increase in the enrolments of abroad students from 20000 to 80000 in total. In that time the enrolments of local students also increase from 400000 to 600000 but it maintain this figure in three years from 2008 to 2010. The second obvious feature of this graph is the light rise in the enrolments of overseas students during the commencing time from under 20000 to 40000 and as you can see it is stand at this data in one year. Besides,as is illustrated by the graph, in the same period, the enrolments of local student has variation. It reachs the peak in 2002,declines from 2002 to 2006 and wave the later time.


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