[1] I am the greatest man on earth.
[2] I am the gretest man on the earth.

Which is the correct one? I know it will be bit odd to write 'the earth' if you consider it a proper noun.

3. I went to the Norway. This is not correct.
4. I went to Norway. This is correct.

I guess it would be odd to write 'on earth'. It should be 'on Earth'. Please tell me.
We don't say lif on mars. We say life on Mars.

You might wonder why I want to use this sentence.
I am going to create a new pair of keys for PGP. I am unable to revoke my existing keys as I lost my private key. So I am compelled to make a new pair of keys.

Our friends who are working with encryption are well aware of PGP and GnuPG.
I am looking for an interesting nickname to use there. There is leeway to have a nickname.
I guess to write that I am the greatest is the best nickname.
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Why did I begin to think from the very beginning that you were talking about yourself? Emotion: stick out tongue

"I am the greatest man on the Earth" is correct.

Ты – лучшая.
I would like to know more about your answer.

You would say Gagarin from Saratov went to the Moon.

You are the most beautiful girl on earth. [ Here 'on earth' means 'in the world'.]

It would be wrong to say that you are the most beautiful girl on the earth.
I just want to know why it is correct to write 'the Earth'.
I think it should be 'on Earth'.

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Hm, after a second thought I think "on Erath" (or "on earth") would be correct. Maybe even both of them are correct. At least, in Russian you can express that idea either way.

Wait for a native or teacher.
...or simply say "I'm the greatest man ever".
No, I want to use my original sentences.
I urger someone to tell me the correct one.
I am not sure whether to write 'on earth' or ' on the earth'.
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"I am the greatest man on earth" is what a native speaker would say Emotion: smile
on earth.

Thanks CalifJim

You wouldn't capitalize the word 'Earth' , would you?

When talking about our planets, we capitalize. We write 'life on Mars'. We don't write 'life on mars'.
I would like to hear from you on this.

1.We Homo sapiens live on planet Earth.
2. We Homo sapiens live on planet earth. This looks odd to me.
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