Mr Milosevic's body will go on display in the Serbian capital on Thursday, before he is buried in his home town of Pozarevac on Saturday, officials say.
He died in detention in The Hague last week while on trial for war crimes.


He died in The Hague last week.

Shouldn't it be ' He died in the Hague last week' ?

1. The United States of America is home to many nationalities.

2. Many nationalities live in the United States of America.

I hope you would agree with my second sentence; I mean writing the lower case word 'the' should be fine.
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The Russian word for table is Стол.

You should pronounce it 'stol'.

In Cyrillic scripts, the English letter 's' represents by 'c' and the letter 'L' is 'л'.

The word stool exists in English; it is a type of chair.

My Russian is beneath contempt, however.
Вы тоже говорите по русски! Хорошо!

Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises.
Paco has written the following in Russian.

You too speak Russian! Great! [Вы тоже говорите по русски! Хорошо!]

The Russian word ' тоже ' means 'also' or 'too' and ' Хорошо ' means something like fine or good.

[ Paco, I would like to know whether Russian is your first language. Basic Russian is not a tall order for me; however, I find it is difficult to follow the Russian TV. I have a Russian channel.]


Jag tallar svenska litet.

Paco has written an additional letter of 'l'.

Jag tallar svenska litet.

It should be '' Jag talar svenska litet . ''

My first language is Japanese, because I am 100% Japanese. Russian was the language I chose to learn in my college days. Swedish was the language I had to speak to earn the money required for travelling around Europe and and returning to Japan. Actually I spoke Spanish more than Swedish in Stockholm, because 80% of my work mates were Spanish people, though my boss was a Swedish woman. It was a really long long time ago when Spanish people were feverishly talking about "despues Generalsimo Franco".