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Try pronouncing words with the "psy" prefix as "sy" as, when pronounced, sounds like the beginning of the word "sight". I hope this helps. Emotion: smile

I find this thread is particularly interesting, as I am (most assume a redneck) from Kentucky, and get a bee in my bonnet from hearing the word "nuclear" pronounced incorrectly. Being from the south, I would love to know what most people are thinking when they pronounce it with the extra "u". Not to mention the word "tire" being uttered as "tar", and "you all" said as "y'all". I can kind of understand some regional interjection and variations in some words (or with a drawl), but most I just cannot understand. I was on a search and ended up here somehow. Just had to put in my two cents, hoping that someone would have some input backing the fact that I am not the only one, or crazy! lol

Take care, all.

This isn't exactly pronunciation but it's related. I think that English is the most unpredictable language.

If the plural of 'mouse' is 'mice'

why is the plural of 'house' not 'hice' ?

And if 'goose' becomes "geese" why doesn't 'moose' become "meese' ?

And if 'seek' is 'saught' in the past

why isn't 'peek' 'paught' ?

I could go on but, I think you get the idea.
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Amsterdam..was really a good joke Emotion: smile
"Sought", not saught, but I get the idea. English stole borrowed from many different languages, so similar words may have very different variants.

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Dare to speak ittttt.
I think it's awesome how some people have huge trouble reading the word photographer. They tend to pronounce it like two separate words such as: photo and grapher haha...it's pretty funny.
Also, I have a friend that would read pyramid as:Pieramid...I just about died of laughter.
I guess even the simplest of words can be hard to pronounce; that is why I believe there's not just one or wo or even three hard words to pronounce.
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