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For an Afrikaans speaking girl Hypothesizing was already difficult..hehehe..

Afrikaans people have some difficulty with pronouncing superfluous, analysis and reciprocity!
Ear nose and throat specialist? Emotion: stick out tongue
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AnonymousEar nose and throat specialist?
I agree - particularly is hard and so is similarly
On a more "primitive" level, many Americans have trouble pronouncing 'February' correctly.
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Just call it an ENT. That stands for ear, nose, and throat doctor. Oto means ear, rhino means nose, and laryngo means throat. The ologist means a doctor whose specialty is ENT.
When I was a kid, 'eye' was included in the description.
I have trouble pronouncing the similar for some reason I want to put a u where the second "i" is.
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PhilipWhen I was a kid, 'eye' was included in the description.
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