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I speak American English, and I have a tiny bit of trouble with the words: Breasts, Sphere, Muscular, Seashell, and Xenophobic (or any word starting with an X).
But I usually don't mess up the pronounciation as long as I slow down my speech a bit.
I think it is "variable" because 98.567% of people pronounce it wrong. (Yes, there really was an investigation about this Emotion: stick out tongueEmotion: stick out tongue)
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what about prioritizing,
No, I don't have any trouble with that word, but I can understand how some people might.
EnglishDVD.commy students have real difficulty with ship / sheep [bah]
and well... sheet and another word!

it can be embarrassing but luckily sheet isn't a word used very often. Emotion: embarrassed
I remember this time when I was on a meeting with my colleagues. I am from Costa Rica, and we were on a conference with our coworkers from Maryland. One of my friends was talking about a new idea they came up with, and he said "... and in this spreadsheet..."(pronouncing "sheet" just the way he wasn't supposed to). Right after the meeting I told him, "look, dude, I don't think you want **** spread all over the room, especially when the big boss is around!" Hahaha!
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Xenophobic (or any word starting with an X).
Initial X is pronounced the same as initial Z. The word might just as well have been spelt Zenophobic. Do initial Z's also give you trouble? (zoo, zero, Zen)

In my head I know that an X is supposed be pronounced like a Z, but for some reason I always try to say it like a mixture between a K and a Z. If you ever try doing this you'll know it's practically impossible, and I don't know why I always want to do it!
EnglishDVD.comI really want to know which English words are the hardest for people to pronounce.
Great thread!

For me, it's world's. I tried hard, and gave up... sigh.
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Anonymousis it onomatopoea?
Onomatopoeia is also hard to spell...
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