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MapleGreat relief to hear that! Emotion: big smile It's not euphonious at all to open my mouth stupidly big!Emotion: indifferent

(But some guys still say I've mispronounced them! If I reread them with more attention, they would say "that's correct!" Emotion: sad
Well, if you are mispronouncing some words, you need to change something. I mean, I don't know how open is too open, I think it depends on how you are used to move your mouth in your first language. I was just saying that it seems to me that you don't need to exaggerate and force the way your mouth moves, as long as the sounds you produce are pretty good. In fact, I realized that the less you focus on the way your mouth and tongue are moving, the more your English will sound smooth. It's not simple anyway, it takes time and a lot of practice... Emotion: smile
Thanks for your advice, Kooyeen![C]
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I am a first year highschool student..(Philippines)well, yah.. i mean.. duh.!. they've been through gradeschool, highschool and college and they do not know how to pronounce f and v. whenever she says, v it sounds like b. and whenever she says f it becomes p... for example.. feeling respect... her pronunciation wuold sound like peeling respek.. so... haha...[:^)]
Go to http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/otorhinolaryngologist there is a audio pronunciation tool there....just go to that word and click the red audio thingy beside the word..
Thats hilarious i learned that word yesterday at an otorhinolaryngology center Emotion: smile I love that word i spent the whole day pracicing saying it and my mom was anoyed.
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To me the hardest words are those that go "~RTER"

So I have difficulty saying "Carter" "Barter" "Quarter"

Should I pronounce the T as a "D" or as you would pronounce the T in "Butter"?
yeah i stumble up often when i say the "larly" words like regularly and particularly. 
any others for you?  
I don't know how many people, including native speakers, can pronounce the word 'awry' correctly.
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"Squirrel" is hard for most Europeans, and probably counts as the hardest word all around as the German "Eichhörnchen" and the French "écureuil" are equally tough for anglophones.  
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