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Yoong LiatI don't know whether this word can be considered hard to pronounce -- islet.
is it difficult? Merriam Webster says it sounds like "I lit".
Hi Kooyeen

I mean, without referring to the dictionary, do you think many people will pronounce the 's'.
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I think that non-natives would find it hard to pronounce 'rendezvous'.
Yoong LiatI think that non-natives would find it hard to pronounce 'rendezvous'.
Not those who have some knowledge (even a very basic one) of French pronunciation, since English has borrowed it from French. Emotion: smile
This word is used also in Italian (here's the entry in a dictionary), but it's not that common.

(the sound of bells chiming)

was that your word?
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Available is extremely difficult for me.
Rendezvous, I don't know how to pronounce this word
Hello minombreoriginal,

Welcome to EnglishForward! You can hear how this word is pronounced in some websites.
Here is one of these sites (Howjsay, BrE) and here another (Merriam Webster, AmE - click on the red loudspeaker to hear the word pronounced).
Site Hint: Check out our list of pronunciation videos.
Hi there for me the necessaily and the suggestion.i don't know why because there aren't difficult words:P
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