She did not care whether or not the government changeed the history or not.

Is this sentence correct?

Thank you
You have two "or nots." Pick one.

If you "change history" it can mean (idiomatically) that you are changing the future.

If you "change the history" it sounds like you are re-writing history to make it seem like something happened that did not (or something didn't happen that really did).

What is the meaning you are looking for?
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Thank you very much Grammar Geek!

My meaning is that they changed the history. It is exactly what you explained.

The goverment changed the histroy for its own purpose. They could say something that never happened or something that existed. It was them who manipulated the social society. In this society, except a few old people, no one knew the past. There was rarely no evidence whatsoever to prove. People believed whatever that goverment told them yet the people were sane.

Once again, thank you
I think you may want to say they changed the way the history was written. Or recorded. They really couldn't change history itself.

(If you don't mind, I'm going to point out a few other errors: It was they who manipulated... There was rarely any evidence...)
Thank you very much Grammar Geek!

I do not mind at all. Please point out all errors I make. I think it is better for me to learn from my errors. Learning from them seems to me that I reap more.

Once again, thank you Emotion: big smile
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