I am back in Bracciano, a castellated town about 13 miles north of , after a year in . I find the Italian Government still unstable, gasoline more expensive than anywhere in the world, butchers and bank clerks and tobacconists ready to go on strike at the drop of a hat, neo-Fascists at their dirty work, the hammer and sickle painted on the rumps of public statues, a thousand-lire note shrunk to the slightness of a dollar bill.

Nevertheless, it’s delightful to be back. People are underpaid but they go through an act of liking their work, the open markets are luscious with esculent color, the community is more important than the state, the human condition is humorously accepted. The North wind blows viciously today, and there’s no central heating to turn on, but it will be pleasant when the wind drops.

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"The human condition" = the totality of being a human, the experience that makes us humans.
Then what do you think the pink sentence means? ('The human condition is humorously accepted' )
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I think the author really means that the human condition is accepted with good humour, without complaint and possibly through jokes about life.
Thank you for the help, Feebs11 Emotion: smile
Yes, it means "a living condition".
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Neeraj JainYes, it means "a living condition".
Please explain how you reach this conclusion.
Ahn asked:

What does 'the human condition' refer to?

I strongly believe that the human condition refers to the living condition. What are your thoughts on this, Feebs?
Feebs had already expressed her thoughts, with which I am entirely in agreement. The total experience of being a human, of living, is accepted without complaint.

You should not equate one individual's (or one community's) living conditions with the overall human condition.
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