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IF, Prez1dent, you are both worth each other!!! And I like the thread!!! (and you too)
And what do you mean by that, Dew? Prez1dent's like a li'l bro to me and I would love it so much to push him around, but seems like it's the other way around.. See, he just made me his crew and he's the Captain! Hahaha!
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Oh this is the third thread which has been occupied by the game in pirates! Hehehez!
IF, that's nothing... I just really enjoy watching you and your little brother. And in fact it's so familiar!!!
I love you both! So go on pushing him around! But mind as a captain he may some day push you overboard!
Hey! Who wants to push me around? Nobody can do that without my permission hehehe but from the other side... mmmmm I'm frightened))
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