There is a proposition that financial institutions, beside revenue-generating activities, should parallelly accompany with community responsibilities. From my objective view, i fully agree with this commentary

Gaining profit is a major priority of enterprises to expanding their progress in the extension whereby it would fuel a significant growth of nation-related economic environment, namely providing tremendous amount of employment and yielding high-quality products to public. Furthermore, profit gains from finance movement can be utilised to sponsoring essential start-up in bid to encourage groundbreaking innovations.

Regarding aspect of social responsibility.An undeniable obligation of each individual or entity when they living and settling in their country is paying tax, the more profit the association earn the more tax they have to pay to the government. The main reason for imposing tax is adding more income into national budget which used to fortify infrastructure, education, healthcare, so on and so forth. A part from that, in the face of morality is regarded as must-do responsibility as well. for instance, there is an organization called world trade organizations (WTO) which consist of variety of worldwide financial entities attempt to distribute fund to help deprived civilian and country from around the world.

In conclusion, on the way to building a robust economic foundation, taking social responsibility is an unavoidable affair of each and every financial association.


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