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42 is the second 42 of the last line. Emotion: smile
Thank you Pucca - two answers for the price of one!Emotion: big smile
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a polo top... as in a t-shirt
boggy stands for
blue orange green green yellow
On the click the smallest you click the dot on the i and the 24-7 you click the actual question number 17! and the boggy one is easy. B(blue)O(orange)G(green)G(green)Y(yellow)
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to get past click the smallest you click the dot on the "i" :L
lol this game is easy, i got to the last question before and i didnt know how to spell chihuahua haha
boggy click blue orange green green yellow
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i'm dying on question 24 : the one where there are red, yellow, green, blue, purple lines in a black box, and when you touch them there are letters, i couldn't make any words out of it, i clicked everything, HELP PLEASE!! =)
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