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the smallest is the dot on top of the i Emotion: smile
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blue orange green green yellow

yes i have got past that bit, you right click and you use the thing at the side as a bridge!!!!!!!!!
say thanks
The 42nd 42? Emotion: wink
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A polo shirt---the 2 arms, the head, and the bottom that you put over your body = 4
nona the brit
I still don't understand some of the answers...how does a polo have 4 holes?

With the "click the smallest" thing, ckick on the dot above the letter "i"! And 24-7? Try clicking on the question number. I'm not sure about the boggy thing, but the others are there. =D
a polo - look at the holes in the letters. a=1 p=1 o=1(x2) l =none
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hey the smallest is the one in the "i " whre it says Click
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