Warning: Only start this if you want something to become an obsession and take over your life! Well, an afternoon anyway. I'm stuck on the question with 'don't touch pink' so if anyone beats that please give me a hint.

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Okay, I give up on "click the smallest." I've had to skip it, but help? And then the one with 24-7? I tried all four and they're all wrong!

EDIT: Okay, got that, but the Boggy thing is killing me!
BOGGY - blue, orange, green etc
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I have to skip the 'click the smallest' too.

24-7? I don't remember seeing that one.

I'm still stuck on 42!
Well, I'm stil in the low 20's.

The smallest was the dot over the letter I.

#17 (the question) was 24-7, so you click up there, not on any of the answers. Blue Orange... oh DUH!

If I ever get to #42 I'll give you my thoughts.

Curse you and yours for introducing this torture to me! Emotion: stick out tongue
I still don't understand some of the answers...how does a polo have 4 holes?
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Oh yes, I remember now, the number 17 answer. Sorry, I was reading your query as 24/7 as in 24 hours 7 days a week. Doh myself!Emotion: embarrassed
I don't know - maybe a licenced Ralph Lauren Polo shirt? I got that one by clicking on them all.
Hey Nona, 42 is quite easy! Emotion: wink
Just click on the right button of your mouse and you will "get" a bridge to the other circle!
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