Who are the people that influenced you in your life and effected you positively and negatively?

Be honest and in tell us in which way they influenced you?
Do you think that is good or not?

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My parents. The influenced my life by teaching me their values. I guess that's good.

I'm not the right person to tell you if I turned out to be a good person or not.

And there was my brother. I adore him, so in a way he influenced my life also in a good way. He made and makes me feel protected. I can go on and on to name people who influenced my life in a good way.

There are also some people who influenced my life otherwise. For example I've had a boss who wasn't so nice in his behavior towards me. It made me distrustful towards other people.
I agree that its your parents and childhood environment.
But later as you grow up, Its you who will decide who is going to influence you and how much and in which direction, positively or negetively.
Childhood is a time whenyou do not have the will to resist, but once grown up most have to will to resist and decide how the situation is going to affect them or what you learn from a situation.
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I have some diffidence but if someone is hurting my family, I will be the first one to jump on it and fight for them.

What I want to say is, that it is not always easy to resist and do the things you really want to do to protect yourself. Especially when you are afraid of the consequences.
Maybe I'm a coward, but I can't help not defense myself. Emotion: indifferent
It is a good question. But i feel it can't be answered now as we come across many people till we reach the grave! so, we'll have to wait till the last moment to give a comprehensive reply.
if you say in person, well there were so much i hardly remember it
but, truely it depend off your family and environment around you
cause people can see, hear, and feel about something that effect to you
unless you are a....zombieEmotion: stick out tongue
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every person you meet or no effects your life in some way or enother....even if its just for a moment
Oké Prabeersikdar, you don't know who will influence you life in the future but there has been some people who has influenced your life it in the past. Yes? I hope so.
Otherwise youre life would have been very lonely I guess.
My parents are a good influence to me. Lately they had been of great aid in my life.
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