Opinions diverge greatly on the influences of the Internet on human life. A number of people may side with the belief that the Internet makes its users secluded from their actual lives. From my perspective, however, this argument is entirely fallacious owing to the substantial benefits in terms of communication and information acquisition that the Internet offers.

Firstly, I would argue that the Internet is one the most powerful facilitators in communication. In the widespread presence of the Internet, social media, namely Facebook or Yahoo, has never been so conducive to keeping in touch with friends, relatives or business partners regardless of geographic distance. These websites are able to establish a wide network connecting everyone within their users’ social circle and enabling them to deliver instant messages or live video calls in a few seconds without difficulty. Accordingly, the users who are provided by the Internet with both the convenience and the swiftness for communicating easily with others, hardly get into the state of being secluded from their society no matter where or how they are.

Secondly, I am also of the opinion that the Internet has increasingly empowered people to obtain information and acquire more knowledge about their society than ever before. Newsreaders, in this day and age, have more choices than ever because of the proliferation of online news sources. With portable devices, such as a smartphone, they can effortlessly access a huge storage of frequent news update in just a few clicks. Moreover, when it comes to the way humans broaden their knowledge, the Internet brings every aspect of life to people from different cultures, which I firmly believe is valuable because they will have a closer look at how their society really is in comparison with others. This easy accessibility holds the key to being aware of the problems lying within the society, and consequently people are more likely to solve these effectively.

Opponents of the Internet postulate that it is the root of people’s seclusion from their social lives. There may be some true; notwithstanding, I deem this assumption hard to concur with because of these aforementioned considerable benefits that the Internet provides to make people more connected to one other.

In conclusion, as the two analysed reasons above, I strongly disagree with the idea that Internet usage may lead to a life of solitude.

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