An exercise to practise Paper 1 (Reading) of the CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English) of the University of Cambridge, Part 1. It's part of the Dicember 2007 test.
In this part candidates are asked to read three extracts and to answer a total of 18 questions, six per extract. This type of exercise aims to test semantic precision, knowledge of collocations, fixed phrases, idioms, phrasal verbs, complementation and much more. Emotion: smile

Here is the first extract


The internet in the workplace

Although email and the internet are now seen as important business tools, their use in the workplace is not without its . The increase in the time spent by employees sending and receiving personal emails has led to a rise in the number of legal cases involving offenses such as harassment and defamation from electronic communications. Downloading material from the Internet can put a company's computer network at from viruses, in addition to other potential dangers such as breach of copyright. Employers should have a policy on the use of computer systems so that employees know exactly where they . It is for the employer to set the and to make it clear that failure to adhere to the rules will be seen as a disciplinary matter.

Second extract.



Media sales opportunity

Living Abroad magazine is now in its fourth year and is soaring to new . Believe us, it's an exciting journey and definitely not for the faint-hearted.

As the magazine establishes itself as a lifestyle and recruitment player in an increasingly competitive marketplace, we are currently looking to expand our very successful sales force. But you need to be special. If you are experienced and have a record in media sales, are exceptionally hardworking, thrilled by a challenge and have unlimited and enthusiasm, you may just make an interview.

Let's face it, we are looking for an outstanding individual, who can sell advertising space over and over again, with tenacity, panache and creativity. If you can to the challenge, and have specific goals in life which include success and great rewards, come and meet us face-to-face and convince us that you've got the of a valuable team member.

If you fancy your chances, send a CV in the first instance with a covering letter to [email protected]_dot_something.

And third one. Enjoy! Emotion: smile



The London apothecary Luke Howard (1772-1864) was a man of many , a prolific author on chemistry, geology and philosophy, bit it is through his meteorological research that he is known today. He was sometimes referred to as the 'Godfather of the clouds', and his correspondent, the poet Goethe, wrote poetry about clouds using the names Howard had for various types of sky. Howard first proposed his system for categorising cloud types in 1802 and it still the basis of classification. After his death his system was extended and so that virtually all possible variations of clouds could be described. Today weather forecasters happily bandy about the Latin cloud names that back to Howard's groundbreaking work.

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Emotion: big smile i can't believe myself 6 out of 6...........the other day I did (in a different one 1 out of 6).

How important is the topic!!!
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I love these type of tests but I always score less marks. Even my vocabulary is good but I want to make it excellent.

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That's what I figure after 6 out of 6 on one and 3 out of six in another in this very page!! That is what I am dreading!