I have read that Bathroom is named by English people (British) as The John. Is that right?
Absolutely. Not only by British, NAm too.
Usually, though, it would not be capitalized.
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What about those people who their name are John, Does this offend them?
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I wouldn't say that 'john' is one of the most common nicknames for the toilet here, you wouldn't hear it very often. I associate it more with the US, although I could be wrong. Mind you, we don't often call it the 'bathroom' over here either, unless it really is the room that also has a bath in it.
Thank you Nona

What is the common nickname for "Bathroom" that has no bath?
I would be quite surprised to hear "john" in ordinary BrE conversation. I mostly hear "toilet"; often "loo", though not so often from male speakers; occasionally "lavatory"; infrequently "dunny", "bog", "heads", "latrines", "khazi".

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I don't really hear "the john" very often either (I think men tend to say it more than women) but I would know immediately what was meant.

Restroom is one of the more common words in the U.S. when referring to a public building.

If you are, for example, in a restaurant, you would say "Where are the restrooms, please?" You can also say "Where's the ladies' room?" or "Where's the men's room?"

Americans in particular seem quite shy about mentioning these things. We almost never refer to that room as a toilet. Sometimes we don't say anything at all -- you just say "uh..." and context tells you the rest. "Where's Peter?" "He had to use the, uh..." and that's all you need to hear. Or you're in someone's home and say "Excuse me, can I use your... uh..." But "May I use your bathroom" is what you would hear in a home.

Oh, also in a home, "powder room." That's specifically a toilet and sink, but no bath, referred to by your real estate agent as a "half-bath."
I always wondered what a 'half bath' was - I was imagining a really tiny bath, lol. Emotion: smile

In the UK, if you need to find a public toilet, you normally ask 'where is the ladies/gents?'
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