The Jungle Book story is written by Rudyard Kipling.This interesting story is about Mowgli life after his parents had left him in the jungle after they was attacked by the tiger named Shere Khan.Fortunately,baby Mowgli crawled into the wolf cave and Father Wolf defended him from be eaten by Shere Khan.Father Wolf and Mother Wolf had decided to keep Mowgli but the Law of the Jungle-when a wolf gets married,as soon as his cubs are old enough, he must bring them to the Pack Council to let the other wolves see what the cubs look like.But if there is an arguement about man's cub,he must be approved by two other members of the Pack besides his father and mother.Baloo,a sleepy brown bear speaks for Mowgli and he himself will teach Mowgli.Bagheera the Black Panther is the other one who speaks for the baby.So,the man's cub is accepted by the members of Pack.After ten or eleven whole years Mowgli grew up with the cubs.He did what a cub do and act like them too.He would sleep all through the day, and at night see how Bagheera killed his food.But beyond this happy life,Shere Khan is always searching for the opportunity to kill Mowgli.Bagheera knew there's something on this but Mowgli never worried because he thought that he has the Pack,Baloo and Bagheera to defend him from bad tiger Shere Khan.Every single day,Shere Khan would tried to influenced other wolves to let him killed Mowgli because Mowgli is belongs to him after he jumped into woodcutters' campfire.At last he succesfully influenced them to give Mowgli to him.And for Mowgli's safety,he must return to human mankinds.He must went to the city to find his own parents and took revenge to what Shere Khan have done to his life.That was the end of the story The Jungle.
Hi Noor_tesl,

You need to keep your tense consistent. Just my two cents though.
How about rewriting your essay and keeping it in present tense? My 2c.
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And also pay more attention to subject-verb agreement, determiners, punctuation, verbs. Good luck.