Hi guys,

A king has a beautiful daughter which he doesn't want to marry to anyone but the most clever suitor. He smokes
a pipe and there is a river flowing in front of his throne. Not far from the river, lies a bucket, made out of raffia.The distance between the river and the King's throne is....5 steps. The bucket's handle is broken, and all the king wants as a marriage present from the suitor
to his daughter, is that the suitor carries him some water in that bucket, so that he can wash his hands.

The guy who succeedes, marries the beautiful girl. How would you achieve that?
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Adomi my friend,
I'm stuck here with your riddle... I'm not a morning person you know, and haven't had my first cup of coffee yet... Maybe a should give it a try later on.
All I know though is that there is little hope in carrying water using a raphia bucket : I would think raphia makes up a leaking bucket.
Hopefully some clever person will do better at solving your riddle Emotion: embarrassed
And keep up with the brainstorming stuff, that's good opportunity for exercising our nerve cells !
Cheers, Waïti.
Waiti my dear,

You are on your way to solving the riddle, for indeed, raffia can contain any liquid. So how to get around the problem? You now the solution isn't always in what is usually done. If you take that path, you won't solve it. I'll give you a clue. Instead of trying and carry the water, why don't you try and beat the king, at his own game?
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Adomi my friend,
Would it be that raphia, when not cleaved into strips, has the form of a straw and can be utilised as a drinking device ? Just a wild guess Emotion: rolleyes, as I really don't know what the raphia plant looks like...
In which case it's just a matter of assembling enough raphia straws to make a 5 feet length pipe ?
Am I getting any closer to solving the riddle with this approach ? Or should I try another direction ?
But I think I've burned out Emotion: lightning enough brain cells on this for today anyway, and them brain cells don't come in unlimited supply. Time to call it a day and about time for engaging in the cell regeneration phase .
Waïti... pipe ?
Am I getting any closer to solving the riddle with this approach ? Or should I try another direction ?
The pipe direction is indeed the way you should take, but not lenghtwise. Remember, the king is 5 steps away from the bucket.We'll need to carry it, not stretch it out.
Time to call it a day and about time for engaging in the cell regeneration phase .
Try bying His Majesty with your cell regeneration technique. It may pay offEmotion: smile
Adomi... I think you'll have to let me sleep the whole week-end on it... I need it brother... Them brain cells won't sparkle for the moment... Maybe next week, qui sait... A+.
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Tres bien Waiti, take your week-end off. Just to fuel up the cells: The key to the enigma comes out of the pipe. Beat the King at his own game.
Adomi, Waiti has been gone for three months. Post the freaking answer before I go out of my mind.
Hi everyone,

There are two major constraints in this.
1.To make the bucket contain water.
2.To bring it nearer to the king.

To make it contain water, the only way is to put it into the river.So the suiter has to immerse the bucket in the river water and trick the king to come and use it.

I really don't know how to bring the king near the bucket,but I would like to make a wild guess.The suitor can demand the king to fix up the broken handle and when the king comes for it ,he can ask the king to use the water inside the bucket.I know it sounds stupid ,but still....

And the smoking pipe(still puzzling me, should we suck water through the pipes or what?)

...itching to know the answer.
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