In "The Loreley," a woman stands on top of a hill and lures men to their death by singing a song that enchants them, eventually causing them to crash their boats on the rocks below. Again, the female is described in mystical terms.

She "sings the tune of an olden Song that has a magical power." Her singing distracts men so that they are blind to everything else around them. They are captured, just like the knight, in a death grip. Their fate is to die a horrible death, due to this woman.

What is the meaning of the knight in a death grip?
That might be a reference to "La Belle Dame Sans Merci" by John Keates.

The male character is a knight who meets a "Lady in the meads" and instantly falls in love with her. They spend the day together and have a wonderful time. However, in a dream, the knight receives a warning that he has been put under a spell by the woman; eventually, he ends up alone and dying.

women in both these poems lead men to their destruction.
Thanks Leslie

What is the meaning of Lady in the meads?
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Mead = Meadow (grassland) Mead is a word from the past, not in common usage today.

hope that explains it.
Thanks Leslie

It was not in my dictionary; a rather archaic word.