First poem
( to M.S.'s photo)

Poetry’s a game.
Films are a game.
Theatre’s a game.
Christ staring in a camera.
Everything’s a game.
The nails. Toy Irod. Toy cross.
Toy redemption. Toy afterlife.
Toy life.
1 2
you are a game.
Yeah. Toy redemption, afterlife, life. Does it sound good?
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I like the idea behind it. I think you could spice it up a little, though.
Peter, I definitely prefer your second choice. I agree with her, maybe add something to it and sth to make the last line stronger.
The photo I was inspired by showed a funny Christ (folk art) looking straight into the camera.
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I´d have preferred

to life
toy redemption, toy after life.

I like this sequence better. Sorry. Christian concept. You see.
I think you could just play with the words a little more. Calling everything "toy" this and "toy" that gets a little dull. I mean, you could make an argument that repeating the word like that drives it home... but I don't really think it does in this case. You need to describe the scene a little more first so that there's something to drive home in the first place. Do you get what I'm saying, or am I just being confusing?
Also, saying "such and such is a game" seems a wee bit cliche somehow.
You have made quite a point there.
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