Don't you just hate it when you meet a person who has to have the last word? It could be about any subject from nuclear physics to politics or sport, he/she is just a know-it-all who has to voice his/her opinion and no matter how 'right' you are, sorry mate, you're wrong.

Well, here at EnglishForward we're providing you with the opportunity to have the last word. Whether you're right or wrong, it's still the last word and noone, absolutely noone can take that right away from you.

So, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I announce this thread officially open and closed with the last word being mine.

Thank you.

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What if you hate having the last word but you know some1 has 2!

Peter said this - he officially has the last word.
Don't women usually have the last word?
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>> Don't women usually have the last word?

Nope, the accused have! Emotion: smile
Nice one Pemmican, better be careful what we say about women having the last word, we wouldn't want any women jumping on us here.

Maj, who do you think should have the 'last word'?
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We'll it's open - whoever would like the last word can have it!
Am I losing you? Emotion: crying
No you are not, and if you want the last word it will cost you another five pounds!
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