Hello. I'm glad to share my short story with you Emotion: smile Hope you enjoy it! And please be mercyful with my (lot of) english errors. I'm still trying to perfect myself but i believe i have a B1 level which means i still have a long way to go ^^. I will be writing the continuation as it will come to my mind.

Her voice was hardly heard in the rustlings of leaves and voices of animals coming from all corners of the dark forest. The branches of trees illuminated by the moonlight, were frightening enough to change the little girl's mind to turn back at home and forget all about it. The wolfs howlings coming from farther away, also the hoots of an owl were constantly reminding the little girl the fear who tries to intimidate her. But <<no>> she said. <<I will no turn back. I've made a promise to myself! I'll reach there before dawn comes, I'll make it!>> Was saying the little girl, as she moves throught the darkness that she had so fear. <<I will not be a coward anymore, not anymore!>> was repeatidly saying to herself. But she knew that this night, she were frightened more than all other nights she lived. But she knew also, that this night she would vanquish her fear, and become finally free after all. This time it will be different, it has to be so! There were no other way to overcome this dark, dreadful forest, and reach her destination. She think about making her way without to be lost. But it was so difficult and so dark. After hours of march, she was completely exhausted.She abandoned herself to the bunch of leaves on the ground. She was panting with the exertion. There were no more force left in her legs to carry her out. A cold wind was whistling through the trees. Apparently a winter storm was approaching. She was so cold she was shivering with icy tears on her cheeks. She tried to heat up by covering herself to her coat. But it became evident that there was not much left to do. She was failed, now the fear was gaining her again, slowly and painfully...

But at last time, when she risked to faint, she saw a little light in the distance, over the group of trees. When she tried to understand from where it could come this light, she noticed that it was a log cabin. This discovery encouraged her to continue over this light, and she found her belief again. <<I could make it! I will make it!>> was saying to herself now. A little light, a weak yellow light was enough to give her the courage and force she was needing. Now the darkness was behind her, at least for the moment.
really are you b1 ı am b2 but ıam worse than you
Hehe thank you it's motivating Emotion: smile

I know Turkey's education system. (have been studied there until at the age of 12.5) It isn't very effective to learn english Emotion: smile (Althouh I thought it was) ... Do you want to chat with skype? We can improve our english by doing so.
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Thank you its encouraging Emotion: smile