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...a comedian
Actually, the longest word with only vowels is the word euouae. The y's in your word are considered vowels.
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I actually know for a fact that that word is not actually a word but a mae up word the actual longest word it floccinaucinihilipilification and that is the longest word in the english dictionary.

and yes i am the smartest person
I know this word ( antidisestablishmentarianism )

I hope you can get a benefit

Best Regards
But that word can be broken up in to like two root words, alot of suffixes and alot of prefixes. All of this debating is really confusing!Emotion: thinking
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that's not the longest word because it isn't really all one word. Things in it mean different things therefore it cannot all be one word, each string is also repeated in different variations throughout. So, really it is jus a long paragraph with the same words repeated over.
it means a tryptophan synthetase a protiein,an enzyme that has 267 amino acids.
What happened to "Superkaliflagisticspialydocious", it means good, anyway good thinking about "SMILE".
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you TOTALLY just made that up.
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