Do you watch lost series? Who is your favorite actor in lost?
My opinion Sawyer is perfect actor on lost.. But generally, that series gerat ı like it..
What is your thing for that?
How film good or bad?
Which actor good?
I think The Lost is the best series I've ever seen, I saw it by chance for the first time. I really like it.
Charlie is cool, the bass player for the UK band Driveshaft, however, he died, what a pity.
Many of my friends didnt like it, thought it's hard to get, what it wanna express.
The reason I keep watching it probably cuz Im always lost in my life.
BTW, I like britpop!!!
the lost is a very different series more than i have watched before. if there is anbody who dont watch it, i highly recommend to start.i am sure you will be adict.