Hi guys,

When I sent an email containing, "*I don’t know what has been occurred that many of my recent mails to you don’t get the reply from you. May you please tell me what is the problem?*"

The professor said in reply "*I have more emails and more work than I can handle. Something has to give.*"
I don't know what is the meaning of "something has to give". Does it mean that I should pay some money for my questions!!?
The professor means that he doesn't have enough time to answer all the e-mails he gets. There is too much work and he just cannot cope with it all.

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Thanks. And so the "something has to give" has no meaning?
khoshtipThanks. And so the "something has to give" has no meaning?
It has the exact meaning I described.

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No. It means that your teacher has way too much to do and it is impossible for him to do it all. So he has to choose the most important or he has to randomly pick messages to answer.
No. It means that it's impossible for your professor to handle it all, time-wise; he HAS TO choose.