What is the meaning of " as it is " ? I'm not so familiar with this expression. Can I get some examples? I'm not sure I understood well this. Thank you!
Leave it as it is. meaning it's better left the way it is, or, it's ok as it is.
Audrayas it is
1) exactly as you [find/see] it now

Don't change anything in your essay. It's perfect as it is.

2) Also introductory: (but) the way the situation is at the present time

It would be nice if I had a million dollars. As it is, I'll have to make do with much less.

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Can we use 'as it is' the sentence as.. I am not gonna take up new assignment, as it is I have enough issues to deal with.

I am not going to take up new assignment. I have enough issues to deal with as it is.